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Jeux Éducation Jeux éducatifs Quiz
Développeur Jason Savage
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Here is the perfect study and revision tool, if you are having trouble remembering facts for an exam or want to build your own quiz then this will help.

Use the QA Builder to build text or multiple choice questions and use the Quiz Me section to take the quiz in random order, the questions will be mixed up differently every time your take the quiz. Add as many categories as you like, have one for English and another one for Maths for example, this is your quiz maker to create what ever questions you like.

The new update has the addition of plug in schemes for the Quiz Me section, choose between two schemes and more to come in future updates.


.Add as many categories as you like.
.Enter multiple choice or text answers.
.Random quiz generator, mixes up the questions every time you take the quiz.

Multiple Choice
.Have 1 or more correct answers
.Touch to select the correct answer
.Once all correct answers or a wrong answer is selected the result is displayed.
.Auto marking to keep score.

Text Answers
.Text auto marking, matches your answer against the correct answer.
.Ability to change your result to be Correct or Wrong.

Now inlcudes plug in schemes and currently has the two Quiz Me schemes to pick from, more planned for future updates.


Create your quiz quick and easy using the 100% free online editor and then download it to your iPhone Revision Aid app.

Create a quiz online and share it with your friends and the world, each created quiz will have its own unique ID which can be entered in the Revision Aid app to download. Select to share or keep your quiz private.


Lots of features to come over the coming months, lots more question options to be added, quiz schemes and viewing options to come, we would love to hear from you on what you would like to see added to the app, help us create the app you would find most useful. Updates to the app are free and so will any online content.

The online editor will also be improved, including searching and extra options which will continue to be 100% free to use. Please let us know what improvements you would like to see to this as well.

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